Fuck The Fourth Fest — July 2, 2017, Providence RI

Poly Styrene was born on July 3rd 1957, and grew up to head the indomitable force within punk known as X-Ray Spex. 181 years earlier on July 4th 1776, the United States officiated the Declaration of Independence, birthing a country and a tradition of American imperialism.

And here we are today. Look, do we all really feel like binge drinking and waving tiny flags on the 4th of July while ignoring the toxic nationalism and growing bigotry toward non-majority peoples? Hell no.

So Fuck The Fourth. Let's celebrate July 3rd instead, Poly Styrene's birthday! This year we'll be celebrating Fuck The Fourth on July 2nd so as to avoid a weekday, rolling into the 3rd at midnight.

Info on venue, bands and more coming soon!